Some lottery games are better than others. Are you playing the best Florida Lottery game?

I’m assuming you’re playing to win, and not just for fun. That may sound daft but it does affect your lottery strategy.

There are 3 main things you must look at when choosing which game to play.

  • the odds
  • the prizes
  • the ticket cost

Now it isn’t always easy to compare these – so I’ve put a table together so you can quickly compare all of the Florida lottery games. This table only shows the top prizes for each game.

Chances Of Winning The Big Florida Lottery Prizes
Game Ticket Price Type Of Game Estimated Prize Odds of Winning
Florida Lotto $1 6 from 53 $3 million 1:22,957,480
Mega Money $1 4 from 44 + Bonus Ball (1 from 22) $500,000 1:2,986,522
Fantasy 5 $1 5 from 36 $200,000 1:376,992
Play 4 $0.50 4 digits, 0-9 $2,500 1:10,000
Cash 3 $0.50 3 digits, 0-9 $250 1:1,000

Bigger Prizes Are Harder To Win

It makes sense that the bigger the prize, the tougher the odds of winning it.

So winning the Florida Lotto jackpot is a lot harder than winning the Fantasy 5 jackpot. (But of course the Florida Lotto prize is 15 times bigger!)

How To Choose Your Game

The quick and easy way is to answer this question:-

Which game would give you a ‘big enough’ jackpot?

The honest answer to that is different for each person. Do you really want $3 million or would half a million be enough..?

Better Chances Of Winning!

If you switch to the game that gives you a jackpot that is ‘big enough’ instead of just ‘enormous’, you could instantly improve your chances of winnning that amount by 10 times, or even 100 times.